Wedding in Bodrum 08/01/2019

Wedding Organisation in BODRUM

Weddings are our most importand and happy days in our lifetime.That's why we have to care about the wedding organizations.
A couple who decided to get married, first of all,They want to do their wedding in a dreamy place with a very good organization.
So that,They dream about what is told from all his friends or the people around them.And they want to make a similar organization in a similar place.
It is our job to fulfill this sacred duty at this point. We will create our best offer with the best price and offer you.We will offer at least 3 alternative locations and programs for the place and program of the wedding organization.
The organization is as follows;
Requests and data from the organization will be taken from the wedding owners.These are;
Date of wedding organization, number of participants, length of stay of bride and groom, length of stay of guests, arrival / return transportation information of all participants and bride and groom and their families.arrival / return transfer information, information about the location or location of the organization where the organization will be held.Then When all this information is received and price and program confirmation is received, contract will be prepared for two parties.
Organization program;
Participation of the participants, transfer and entry to their hotels, free time, transfers to the place where the wedding will take place at the wedding day and time.Cocktail before the ceremony.(Preparations before the start of the organization such as wedding tables and the bride and groom's table flowering and decorations and suitable music by playback or orchestre according to request),End of wedding and Night fun till latenight.Back transfer of the participants to their hotels.Last day,return transfer of participans,end of organization.

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